New Android App for Lucidity

Saw this post on Reddit. I don’t use Android but whoever does might want to try this. It will play a sound when you’re sleeping, perhaps triggering a response that you’re dreaming. Here’s the full post. Good luck, if you try it.

You select an audio file, a time range and interval range and hit play, then the app does the rest in the background: I’ve received some LD reports from hardcore beta testers on the French dream catcher forums so I’d recommend using My Sound before experimenting with your own audio.

The app also has a FILD module where you tap on the phone and it plays an audio track and vibrates when you drift off. A DILD module that schedules notifications to perform reality checks. A MILD module that scrolls mnemonics on the screen. And some guided mindfulness sessions from the UCLA, UCSD and other research centers.

I’m working on a TDI module and a Deep Playlist next… beta testers are welcome to sign up on the Play Store and bug reports are greatly appreciated!

Let me know what you think: !