Any trouble meditating?

Meditation can be very dense right now, like plowing through rock. It’s not You. It’s the spectrum of the galaxy our solar system is passing through. And on the grossest physical level, that density expresses itself as war. Yet density is just a high concentration of very powerful particles that bombard you with radiance, purity, and love. But it feels dense if we are not up to that vibration. So keep meditating with infinite forgiveness. Embrace the darkness. Embrace the stone. It will melt all by itself without your work. The density is made of breath, the breath is made of infinitesimal crystal bells ringing the energy of silence. The silence is made of light and the light is made from particles of darkness. Each particle of darkness is empty. What is empty is vast, unbounded. What is unbounded is free. So your density is tightly packed solidified freedom. And when you penetrate into the density, it dissolves into Grace. Relax and Relax. Sufi physics


Thank you Rahim Beryl

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Wow! Love this, Rahim! thank you